Nitro Type Game The best Racing Game Ever

If you want a very funny  game yo play with your friends with PC? The best answer is Nitro Type. A Racing game genre developed by a very good team programmer what finally make one of the most simple and beautiful game around internet. If you are single and need a game to play to don`t become boring or maybe you want some fun this is the answer.

Nitro Type is a very good racing game what appear in 2016. All what you need to do is to type some words. Now we are explain how you play. You are selected to play the game with another real players around wold. To start the race and to continue you need to type a text. How you type more fast you are ranking better. If you are mistake a letter you stay and you maybe be passed by another player who write correct.

If you want to stay tuned and to read more about game you can read here: Nitro Type News. Every day or week the moderators update and release news.  In this category is reveal the winner and new update about

The best thing about this game is just started is 2nd season and you have time to be a master and to collect all cars. For this you need money. To collect and have more money you need to win racing. But our developed team created a software what change the rules of game and make the experience in game more funny and more excited.

Download bellow the Nitro Type Hack